Photo: Ralf Emmerich

In 2003 Fine Kwiatkowski and Willehad Grafenhorst founded the intermedia project „cri du coeur“.

The collaboration of Fine Kwiatkowski and Willehad Grafenhorst began in 1986 with a DDR tour of the FreeNoiseRock Band „KIXX“ and the group „FINE“ (Fine Kwiatkowski, Dietmar Diesner, Christoph Winkel).

Despite the sucessful and intensive collarboration Fine Kwiatkowski and Willehad Grafenhorst lost sight of each other, first because of the known restrictions of the „iron curtain“, later because of differing orientations.

After meeting anew in 2002 the idea was born to melt the experiences of 16 years into an art collaboration again – on one hand as internationally aknowledged dancer and choreographer, on the other hand as jazz, rock, hiphop, free contemporary musician.

The next appearance on stage together took place in Magdeburg in 2003 with the work „Körperklanglandschaften“ („bodysoundscapes“).

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