Photo: Sergio Arellano V.



in an interactive animated light-video-space

A body/being moves in between his/her aspired free space and the experience of trammeling distrust and control. He/she is isolated, captured, appraised. „Scanned“ asks how to deal consciously with subtle surveillance and control-mechanisms.

first appearance: September, 27th 2005, Basel, Switzerland

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Videoclip, recorded november 14th 2005 at Studio SK-Kultur, Cologne


SoloDanceDuoSoundSolo for the dance week

If you think about the „scanned“-evening after some time, what remains is a pictoral-acoustic impression, like a being, which is not associated with the human being alone, but with anything which exists and lives, absorbed, afflicted, trammeled, scanned in a frightening way...
Fine Kwiatkowski, incomparable in her existential body-language, onstage some homeless entity, which seems to belong to histories and stories of origins, genesis, births and finalities...

When she reaches for her body with her hands, touching it almost disbelievingly, then it seems as if she wanted to convince herself, that she is still there, everything is still there, somewhere...

With an impressive picture- and sound-collage Willehad Grafenhorst creates different spaces of connotation, varies live-electronics between silence and extremely threatening loudness, noisy punctual frames and scetch-like, hunting lightlines...

Gabriele Gorgas (Dresdener Neueste Nachrichten)

RHIZOM TanzPerformanceTheater Fine Kwiatkowski