Photo: Fine Kwiatkowski

Monologues - Skinnings

dance solo in interactive sound-, light- and videospace

Seen from her personal point of view, Fine Kwiatkowski looks inside herself, into the inside, she dances through a 16-year-metamorphosis, raises the question about gaining and loosing in a now united country.
a view from the inside out: felt earth, dark and heavy, felt water, silent and fast...

In collaboration with the musician and computervisualist Willehad Grafenhorst, an interactive sound-, light- and videospace is created, in which the body becomes a field of memory, projection-surface, narrator, questioner.

first appearance: November, 6th 2005, dance festival #3, Schauspielhaus Magdeburg, Germany

funded by Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt

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Photo: Willehad Grafenhorst


monologues – skinning

story telling bodies

Fine Kwiatkowski tells Stories about Magdeburg with her own body, moves with her excentric language of movement through felt and past time of 15 years, gets her body into motion with flexions, rotations, in motion and sculpture-like stasis, always in reference to pictures of Magdeburg...

In front of these pictures, she confronts the visuals with the reflexion of her movements and the pictures of her shadow on the visuals. This is why she seems to be suspended in between identities of herself and oscillates in these interstices...

Through the melding of real pictures, computer animations, of colors on picture and body, into real and synthetic soundscapes, an exciting dance-commentary about earth and water, sky and light is created.

Dr. Herbert Henning (Magdeburger Volksstimme)

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