fine kwiatkowski – dance
willehad grafenhorst – music and computervisualization

The performance could be seen underground, during the international soundartfestival 09 _tiefKLANG in Dresdener Straße on september, 11th 2009.

Floating in the amniotic fluid of the metropolis, we enjoy warmth and safety; are the sounds, the pictures, transitory cavepaintings, only illusions or an image of a reality which awaits us, when we, by the inevitably increasing rapidity of the cycle of contractions, are thrown out, pressed out into a world which will at last, let us breathe freely again...?

Created especially for the festival, the composition „XU-3“ is part of the series „unique copies“, which are to be shown and can be performed only one time. This composition is conceived for live-electronics and laptop, implementing diverse algorithms of sound production and processing.

Conception and programming by Willehad Grafenhorst.

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