The participation in the Acco Theatrefstival was the starting point of our journey but had to be cancelled because of political-religious disturbances.

Nevertheless, we decided to travel to Israel.

So we carried with us the topic excavation/burrow to several places in Israel and wherever we went, we were in a constant state of friction. What were the reasons for this state?

By the genres of video, dance, music and installation we found individual answers and created a kind of book of travels, through which we give information about our stations, experiences and feelings.

This work is directed at walls, barbed wire and partition. It is created against prejudices and powerdeluded politics, not only in the near east, but everywhere in the world.

Iris Sputh - Idee / [Fund]Installation

Willehad Grafenhorst - Musik / Video / Programmierung

Fine Kwiatkowski - Tanz / Video


Wir bedanken uns für die Unterstützung durch das Goethe-Institut Tel Aviv und art.passages e.V. Berlin

The premiere was on January, 23rd 2009 in the studio cri du coeur in Berlin.


in Berlin - Fotos: Fine Kwiatkowski

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in Israel - Fotos Fine Kwiatkowski

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RHIZOM TanzPerformanceTheater Fine Kwiatkowski