Photo: Ina Kwiatkowski

endingTIMEless (endZEITlos)

The intermedia piece endingTIMEless deals with the subjective, living experience of time. Perception of time is the subject of discussion:

end of time

ending time


virtual time


The conversion requires an interactive fusion of the genres dance, music and video. Besides the direct communication of dance and music, a manipulation of picture- and soundlayer via dance (by the means of a computer-based movement analysis) is realised. The dancer moves inside a dynamic sound-light-space, which follows its own temporal course. In using computer-technique, the blurring of the borders between virtual and real impressions and thus the creation of different states of experienced time is obtained.

première: 27.09.
performances: 28. and 29.09.

venue: Theaterhaus Mitte, Koppenplatz 12, 10115 Berlin


Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. 

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