Currents is a new project with variing and constant parameters with changing currents / flows.

The sequence of events is given by a special light-video-sequence which is produced by two projectors controlled by two linked computers plus live video-passages which are produced by Fine Kwiatkowski´s miniature handcamera.
The pictures are projected directly into the room. We work with the architectural facts, change the impression of the room by light. Perspective and focus are established as essential parameters of perception.


on tour:

Kassel (D)
with Bettina Helmrich (dance), Martin Speicher (saxophone, clarinet)

Wiesbaden, Giessen and Berlin (D)
with Peter Geisselbrecht (piano), Wolfgang Schliemann (percussion)

Königshain (D)
Duo (Fine Kwiatkowski, Willehad Grafenhorst)

Montignac (F)
with Audrey Rocher (objects) and Roland Devocelle (objects)

Chemnitz (D)
with Lars Kwiatkowski (Elektronics)

Bremen (D)
zum MIB - Festival
with Reinhart Hammerschmidt (doublebass, elektronics) und Hainer Wörmann (guitar, elektronics)

Wuppertal (D)
zum Klappstuhlfest
with Andrés Curchero, Barcelona (danc) und Christoph Irmer (violine)

Barcelona (E)
in Zusammenarbeit mit IBA col.lectiu d' improvisació
with Duo


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The borders of the room are blurred by the projections – videopictures, photos and different textures, like a special noise or diverse simple patterns. On the other hand there is a changing light proportion on the dancer´s body created by the flowing change of Kwiatkowski´s movement and the speed of the moving pictures.

The musical elements show highest quality, in all of them, the handwriting is clearly visible/audible and the infernal climax at the end is a stereophonic delicacy. Vibrant dance, unique pictures and a subtle, balanced composition: a powerful evening.

Heiner Schultz (Giessener Anzeiger)

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