Foto: Pere Pratdesaba

bodies in movement

I see my workshops as a field of research, correlated with an individual expression of dance and movement. Improvisation is the center of my working method, and, contained inside it, a body training, aware and awake breathing and Yoga.

My aim is to lead the participants to THEMSELVES, to let them see themselves from the INSIDE, diving into their own bodies, to feel the body and to follow...

The most important thing for me is to let the participants work with their bodies and their own observation and to accept the strength and the weak spots of the own body. Through this way of learning, the concentration is lead to the strength of the body, its peculiarites, its structure and character, its vulnerability.

Out of the perception of the INSIDE in connection to the OUTSIDE, material of movement is formed, often very subtle and reduced, but also loud and dense.

For participants who do not live in Berlin, it is possible to stay in the studio overnight. There is a kitchen, a bath and isomats, you have to bring your own sleeping bag.

Price for the night: 10 €.

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