Photo: Ralf Emmerich

born, lives in Berlin. Since she was 4 years old, she has been working with her body, has begun

to consequently develop her own language of movement and dance. IMPROVISATION has always been the centre of her working approach as has been a variety of intermedia collaborations like contemporary and improvised music, visual arts, film and theatre.

her own work has opened through own dance-theatre-pieces and performance-projects in collaboration with theatres is Germany, espescially with FREIE KAMMERSPIELE, Magdeburg. She also works intensively with workshops as starting point for dance- and body-research.

foundation of the association „rhizom e. V.“, an association for the promotion of artificial forms of expression with intermedia character, foundation of the intermedia art-project „cri du coeur“ together with Willehad Grafenhorst


„... Kwiatkowski reconnoiters all parts of her body, putting it into movement, into bizarre convolutions, whorls, screws, flexions and rotations. She dances bent and slinking, metamorphosing into countless beings, entities and essences. Fingers, mannered handmovements, feet, head and supple body ... How much is momentary improvisation, immediate inspiration ... and what - with this exceptional personality - is precise, ingenious choreography? A great evening, deeply touching the soul.“
(Dr. Herbert Henning, Volksstimme Magdeburg)

„With her exceptional, highly differentiated body-language, Fine Kwiatkowski shows that the borders of what is expressable through the body isn´t yet set. She intensifies inner states, manifests them in space with her distinctive movements, until, morphing into sculpture, her dance – a code of personal breath - merges with sound and pictures.“
(Urs Leimgruber, saxofonist)

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